Fruit EP (1990)

by The Hitchers

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Released: by Xeric Records June 30th 1990, Ireland.
Formats/Reg: Cassette (Xer 06)
Track Listing :
1.There's a Bomb in That Basket of Fruit
2.Alice is Here
3.All This Everything
4.Which Leg of a Chicken is More Tender?

This was our first commercially manufactured cassette single and at the time we took a bit of stick for it as the recordings of '..Chicken' and 'All This Everything' were now a year old and had already appeared on 'The Streaking Chicken...EP'. Even 'Alice is Here' was previously released on a compilation LP called 'The Reindeer Age'( LP & MC Xer 02).

There was a pretty good reason we ended up recycling old recordings (and let's not go nuts on this...I mean it WAS the first release on a commercially manufactured format as opposed to the unit production of 'The Streaking Chicken...' which burned out the high speed dub function on all our stereos). The fact is that in March 1990 We'd won our second battle of the band competition and a substantial part of the prize included having a single manufactured for us. However, good relations with the organizers of the competition were short-lived. Particularly after they informed us they'd no intention of releasing our single for twelve months. We were determined to strike while the iron was hot ...especially as the organizers plan -to release the record in late spring 1991-would have us releasing a record in and around the time that possibly four of us would be sitting our final exams in secondary/high school. The final straw was a request from the organizers that we dispense with our management and come to heel. We pretty much sent back a request that they sit on it and swivel. There'd be no free single.

So we gathered up what money we had, borrowed some more and just about had enough to record the 'A-Side' and get the thing manufactured. That's pretty much how we ended up padding out the single with 'earlier' stuff.


released June 30, 1990

1., 3. & 4. Written by Niall Quinn. 2. Written by Eoin O'Kelly, Hoss Carnage and Niall Quinn.
Recording Details: 1. Recorded at Xeric Studios, Limerick June 15th 1990.
Engineered by Pearse Gilmore.
2. Recorded at Xeric Studios, Limerick August 28th 1989. Engineered by Pearse Gilmore.
3. & 4. Recorded at Xeric Studios, Limerick July 26th 1989.
Engineered by Pearse Gilmore.
The Hitchers: Eoin O'Kelly-Lead Vocals; Andy Gallagher-Lead Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, Vocals; Hoss Carney -Bass; Benny Mc Cormack-Guitar; Niall Quinn-Drums & Vocals.
Additional musicians: Donagh Twoomey (band member at time of recording) - Lead Guitar on 3. & 4.; Jim Hanley - Keys on 1. & 2.; Kathryn Hayes - Violin on 2.; Kevin Brew and Declan Hogan - Extra Vocals on 2.


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